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Based in the heart of Dorset, the Cherry Bar is the latest addtion to Cherry Picked Hampers, specialising in providing Dorset sourced beverages including Gins, Brandy, Beers,Wines, Cider and anything else that we think represents the quality and sparkle of the County.


Our bar is a lovingly restored American trailer from the nostalic 60's which can provide a range of services for personal or corporate events. Building on the successful services of Cherry Picked Hampers, we are able to discover new and exciting drinks and food that we ensure will make any event that little more special for all who enjoy premium products that you will not find with the typical event offerings.


Weddings, Shows, Events or any other type of get-together can be enjoyed knowing that everybody is enjoying and sampling local spirits, wines, beers and cider.

We cherries

We don't just sell everyday spirits
The Cherry bar is unique with its access to
Dorset Cherry & the fields where they grow
& if we can add our Dorset Cherry Juice to it,
we will to create unique cocktails!



We can provide an unique and local bar to greet your guests on arrival, provide a welcome refuge in breaks or a full day to ensure your wedding is memorable!

Corporate & Sporting Events

Make your event stand out and show your support for local providers and their wonderful selections of choice

Teas • Coffees • Snacks

Because we offer many products through our Cherry Picked Hampers service, we can also ensure that locally sourced products including snacks, cheeses, cakes, bread and even breakfasts can be provided

Life Is Just a Bowl of CherriesDoris Day

Life is just a bowl of cherries Don't take it serious,
Life's too mysterious You work, You save, You worry so
But you can't take your dough
When you go, go, go So keep repeating "It's the berries."


Hayley and Laurie from Cherry Picked Hampers


It all started with two friends who found a good excuse to taste their way around Dorset in order create unique gift hampers entirely sourced from within the county. This opened up the wonderful world of Dorset brewers and distilleries to Hayley and Laurie who were dragged kicking and screaming into (which quickly switched to "away from") trying various local unique flavours.

The pair met two years when they moved to Milborne St Andrew, and after falling in love with their surroundings decided to launch a business inspired by their shared appreciation of the county. Laurie, 35, who previously worked for McLaren, says: "We both absolutely love Dorset and all the fresh produce and products, it has so much to offer and there is so much to do, we just really want to promote the area." Starting out in November last year, the pair spent six months sampling a diverse range of food and drink striving to find the best and most varied products the region has to offer.

The Hampers include a variety of wines from nearby vineyards, beers and ciders from Dorset brewers, delectable cheeses direct from cheesemakers, as well as world-renowned chocolate, chutneys, and biscuits all presented in traditional, hand-woven wicker hampers. "Our hampers make great gifts for family, friends, colleagues or even business to business. We also make holiday hampers which are really nice for people to leave in holiday lets with fresh eggs and sausages sourced from local farms. "A lot of thought goes into each of our hampers, we carefully gift wrap every single hamper and offer free personalised labels. We are keen to keep the rustic village feel, we are not a big corporate company."

Customers also have the option to select from hampers inspired by well-known towns such as Dorchester of Bridport, or opt for the bespoke personalised hamper service, which can be shipped anywhere throughout the UK and Ireland. Hayley, 42, who previously worked as an IT engineer, says: "We would just really like to see the business grow and grow and help promote Dorset produce even more. “It would be nice to see some of the products from smaller businesses we love on the shelves of more shops or some of the amazing beers and ciders made here available in more pubs." "Quite often we have people who live here and want to send a little bit of Dorset to someone else out of the area which is a really nice thing." "I think we have come a long way over the past year."

The Cherry Bar is the next step to bringing local products to the attention and taste buds of local events and patrons! The reception of the bar has been fantastic to date with many local suppliers fully supporting and actively particpating in Hayley's and Laurie's venture and work in close partnerships to ensure the latest and most update products and avaiable!

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Always with a Smile

Hayley Davis

Hayley Davis

Drinks Cider & Wine under the counter

Laurie Griffin

Laurie Griffin

Gin? someone say Gin? Please!

  • Sweet cyder is a great thing,
    A great thing to me,
    Spinning down to Weymouth town
    By Ridgway thirstily,
    And maid and mistress summoning
    Who tend the hostelry:
    O cyder is a great thing,
    A great thing to me!

    Thomas Hardy - Great Things

  • The Primrwose in the sheäde do blow,
    The cowslip in the zun,
    The thyme upon the down do grow,
    The clote where streams do run;
    An’ where do pretty maidens grow
    An’ blow, but where the tow’r
    Do rise among the bricken tuns,
    In Blackmwore by the Stour.

    William Barnes - Blackmwore Maidens

  • "And so you see 'twas beautiful ale,
    and wished to value his kindness as much as I could,
    and not to be so ill-mannered as to drink only a thimbleful,
    which would have been insulting the man's generosity."

    Thomas Hardy - Far From the Madding Crowd


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